March 26, 2014
About the CIDIC

The 3rd edition of the International Design and Innovation Congress of Catalonia organized by ESDI (URL) started with the discussion about two concepts: the future idea and the trend idea (Future Trends). In this conceptual framework organized a series of interventions about 4 lines to discussion and observation: Smart Products , Ergonomics and Spaces , Values ​​and Perception From buying to selling. However, most of the reports and press releases, instead of emphasizing the methodologies and processes of each level of reflection, which have highlighted is precisely the need to break down barriers, remove borders conceptual, methodological collating and epistemological one truly transcendent question: we are able to rethink the modern concept of progress? There is an alternative to this myth?

Dra. Maia Creus from the communication, Multimedia and Interactivity ESDi Unit reflects about it in this article.