March 24, 2011
A more solid and sustainable development

A few days ago, in a panel discussion on the problems of competing in the global world, recognizing the importance of extracting the maximum capacity to technological tools, the need for efficient use of telecommunications and interactive networks, the huge potential of organizations as people adopt proactive roles, etc ... All four speakers agreed, almost simultaneously, the keystone that makes firms become leading references and lies in the design, that design that allows access to markets through innovative, surprising and highly seductive. Form and content are the binomial key that opens the door to success by sending the company’s values and philosophy of scientific, technical, social and economic dictates the pace of progress and the pulse of their commitment. The statement jointly built by adding words and sharing beliefs, resulted in one of 4 speakers made us discover the German graphic designer Otl Aicher, who, along with other intellectuals, in 1953 founded the Hochschule für Gestaltung, school became a leader in training design based on the principles of the Bauhaus and working simultaneously teaching and research, bringing new visions and ways of working in visual communication, industrial design, and audiovisual or cinema. The importance of the concretized Aicher design stating that the design "is the technical and economic philosophy of any company, and its image explicitly define their character and mentality" while reminding us that "The designer is the philosopher of the company, which Regardless of their mentality makes identifiable in the market " Designers are capable of designing products that incorporate scientific and technical advances that make a company stand out and surpass competitors, and open the doors of the potential benefits of the markets. Are the products that the company projected a consistent message and identity as they are the essence of it. A role, the designer, complex and determined that requires highly trained professionals that gives them a great capacity for observation and analysis, a method of working with scientific rigor, broad knowledge in techniques and teamwork plural integrators, and with strong convictions to generate and apply knowledge in their products. No doubt the designers and their training have all the requirements that define rigorous university education, one that symbiotically combines research, teaching and learning. Training required economic and social progress of any country. So we’re in luck, because the next course ESDi designers will graduate the first official grade and they will be harder to progress, and open the way of research underpinning the future, consequently, a more solid and sustainable development Antoni Garrell i Guiu Director General ESDi Foundation.