8th July 2014
Words and bodies on the street

In today’s democratic societies we live in the illusion of having the right to speak. The events fill newspapers and news networks help create this illusion. I certainly can not deny that the new forms of politicization, the word becomes constituted stolen MPs cry in the mouth of groups of people in struggle and filled fill, squares and roads and public bodies word is that "express, not from" a program based on a particular political ideology of the party, but in manifold manifestation of "a commitment to imagine and build a different world, a world where each of us from each unique from each place and circumstances, we can replace a moral and rational instrumental actions directed by and wanted to fight for a common world.



Image taken by Bru Aguiló, published at the Magazine ’Quadern de les idees, les arts i les lletres’ nº 144 pàg 12.