To live in Barcelona

Cost of living

In order to guide students who come to study to Sabadell and Barcelona, we have made the following list with basic expenses prices that they might have.

Accommodation in a University Residence in Sabadell or Terrassa.

  • Single room: 350€/month approximately.
  • Double room: 234-475 €/month

Accommodation in a University Residence in Barcelona.

  • Single room: 350 – 850 €/month
  • Double room: 300 – 680 €/month

Accomodation in shared flats in Sabadell and Barcelona:
300-500 €/month

Whole flat rent in Sabadell:
650-1000 €/month (from 1 to 4 rooms)

Whole flat rent in Barcelona: 750-1350 €/month (from 1 to 4 rooms)

Student menu (campus cafeteria): 7,35€

Menu in a restaurant: 9,50 - 12,50€