International relations

Admission and requirements

ESDi welcomes annually international students from universities from all around the world standing out the intention of promoting an education based on multiculturalism as a value added to design official studies.

To be accepted as an exchange student in ESDi and carry out a stay with credits recognition, student must prove he or she is registered in a centre with which ESDi has a signed agreement for students exchange in force during the period in which the student wants to carry out the mobility.

The student wanting to carry out an exchange must get in contact with International Relations department of his or her centre of origin, which must get in contact with the person in charge of ESDi exchanges to nominate the applicant within the established dates to submit reservation fees:

  • First semester (autumn/winter) or complete academic year: 15 April
  • Second semester (spring/summer): 15 November

To make the reservation fee student must submit the following documentation by means of his or her university:

  • Reservation fee form (PDF at the bottom of this web page).
  • Motivation letter with the reasons why the student wants to make a mobility in ESDi.
  • Digital portfolio: it can be a web page, a wordpress or a PDF document.
  • Copy of ID card or passport.
  • 2 ID photos. Photographs must be original sent by regular mail or handed in the first day of class.

Application received after documents handing in deadline will not be considered and will be out of the selection process.




Subjects 2nd Semester

Here is the list of subjects for the 2nd Semester 2016-2017 Degree in Design