International relations

Mobility type

Erasmus Study

ERASMUS permanent learning programme establishes an academic collaboration system among universities of different European countries.

Erasmus Study includes, on the one hand, mobility vacancy to a university teaching centre and, on the other, access to an Erasmus scholarship.

To apply for a vacancy and/or Erasmus scholarship the student must meet the following requirements:

• To be registered in ESDi Higher School of Design.
• To have Spanish or a European Union member country citizenship; AELC countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), associated countries (Bulgaria and Romania) and Turkey citizenship, or to have the permanent resident, stateless or refugee in Spain status.
• To have passed, when applying, at least 80% of first and second year credits.
• Not to have previously enjoyed another ERASMUS scholarship or vacancy. ERASMUS second stays are not allowed. Studies period has a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum duration equivalent to a complete academic year.

ESDi students can make an Erasmus mobility during third and fourth year, provided that they have done 50% of degree total credits.

In the framework of this programme, Erasmus students are exempt of course fees payment at destination place, since they pay it at their university of origin, without being prejudicial to academic recognition of those studies.

Erasmus Internships

Erasmus Internships mobility programme, aimed at university students, consists of an internship period in an enterprise, a training centre, a research centre or an organization of another European country. To carry out these internships it is necessary to sign an agreement between the university of origin, the welcome institution and the recipient person.

Stay duration is about a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve, and the economic aid given is aimed at meet the costs derived from mobility (maintenance, moving, accommodation...).

European Commission publishes Erasmus Language Intensive Courses (EILC) list, dedicated to the previous linguistic training of recipient students of an Erasmus Study or Erasmus Internships scholarship in a country with a little spread or taught language.

To apply for an Erasmus Internships it is necessary to be registered in ESDi Higher School of Design and to have passed 50% of degree credits.

Freemoving mobility

This programmes aimed at freemoving students with half-yearly stays (extendible to a complete academic year) allow to flexibly choose a minimum of 15 hours of weekly work in universities outside Europe and with which ESDi has an agreement.

Students interested in this programme have the possibility to take refuge in reciprocal mobility with registration payment in the university of origin (ESDi), or in freemoving mobility registering directly at the university of destination. Both mobilities depend on the established agreement with the university of destination, as well as on the demand between both universities.

Students interested must follow the same procedure as if they would apply for an ERASMUS vacancy. The difference lies in marking on the form the university of destination in which the student is more interested.