International relations

Mobility Procedure

Students interested in mobility must fill in the form (download it from the bottom of the web page) and submit it at International Relations department, by e-mail or by hand.

Once received all applications, International Relations department will contact with students to guide them in the information request process to destination universities for which they want to apply for the exchange.

Each destination centre has its own deadlines for the vacancy application but most of them agree on asking for the following documents. ESDi students must prepare and submit at International Relations department the following documentation:

  • Digital portfolio. It can be a web page, a wordpress, a behance or a PDF document.
  • Personal motivation letter to the centre in which the student wants to make the mobility.
  • Copy of ID card or passport.
  • 2 ID photos.
  • Certificate of the level B1 or B2 in the language that uses the university (depending on the university)