English programm


Official Undergraduate Degree in Design follows the guidelines established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), allowing our graduates to gain admittance to master’s degree studies and to access the national and international labour market.

This programme enables to study the Official Undergraduate Degree in Design in any of the six itineraries (graphic, audiovisual, fashion, product, interior and design management or multidisciplinary integration).

Subjects that shape the syllabus are taught equally in Catalan, English or Spanish. Students can request their preference in studying the subjects in English. In this case, “Programme in English” must be stated when applying for the vacancy.

During the first and second year, 100% of classes are taught in English as the common language, just as the student has requested for. On the third and fourth year, classes will be taught between 20% and 30% in English and the remaining percentage in any of the authorised languages. The Degree Final Project can be carried out in any of the school official languages (English, Spanish or Catalan).